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Materials used as the base of our art.

Composite Aluminum Panel
• 4mm/0.15”

These panels include 2 aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core called Reynobond, made by Alcoa. Its particular features have made it a widespread option- being lightweight, easy to cut, mill and drill, malleable and in big sizes. The panels get digitally printed with patterns using UV colors. Then, acrylic colors hand-made artistic choices are made to add a level of uniqueness. The surface is then layered with see-through, waterproof and UV resistant epoxy resin. Metallic pigment powders, semi-precious minerals, glitters, etc. may also be used within the resin to further decorate these DECORATIVE ART PANELS. Panels will have a thickness of 4 mm/0.15”.

Pure Aluminum Panel
• 1mm/0.040”

This support is primarily utilized to embellish curved walls, columns and furniture. Panels comprise of pristine anodized aluminum. They are easy to curve, which makes them ideal for curved surfaces. Patterns get printed directly on these panels. This is made possible by UV resistant colors that also ensure that pigments do not end up cracking. Panels then get covered with a special epoxy resin, which allows it to curve in various ways. Final thickness of these panels once epoxy resin is applied will be 1 mm/0.040”.

Backlit Art Panel
• from 2mm/0.080” to 10mm/0.40″

The BACKLIT ART PANELS can either be opaline or clear. The CLEAR is quite akin to glass. It allows light to pass through its surface. This allows for a unique decorative effect any time ambient or sunlight goes through the surface. The OPALINE is comparatively much more opaque. It is harder for the light to pass through in these panels. Translucent panels are ideal for artificial back lighting (traditional or LED). The thickness depends on the exact electric plant used for the diffusion. Bigger thickness allows for a more pronounced diffusion of the light through the acrylic panel. These require an assessment by an expert.