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Our Artistic Detailing & Personal Touch


This finish is the most minimalist of the five options available. The epoxy resin is rolled out by hand. No spray or industrial machinery is utilized for this purpose. The last effect is similar to that of a glass sheet. This is an ideal finish for MINERALS collection, as it looks similar to a stone slab.

Available in GLOSSY or MATTE

Brush Strokes

The epoxy resin gets brushed with a distressed technique in this case. A single glimpse of this finish can confirm its hand-made nature. The final effect is that of a unique artistic piece with brush strokes following the design of the pattern.

Available in GLOSSY or MATTE.


This features a moon effect with an uneven surface that allows one to see the differences in the layers of the epoxy resin.

Available in GLOSSY or MATTE.


This tranquil effect takes one to a rainy scene where the surface has a number of varying bubbles. It has a wet effect it has on the art panels.

Available in GLOSSY or MATTE.


This finish provides a realistic 3D effect. Semiprecious minerals and real sand are used to give it that touch of realism. Clients can choose the exact quantity and location of these materials. Clients can also decide which object or material they wish to be within the epoxy resin.

Available in GLOSSY or MATTE.