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Company Profile

Unlocking a new world of artistic potential; fueled by the sheer love and passion for the craft.

A careful fusion of photographic and digital images, with hand processed materials results in groundbreaking artistic pieces being developed for the world to see. ALEX TURCO’s breakthrough designs have unleashed an entirely new dimension of artistic development. He encourages his clients to partake in this prominent step towards a new horizon.
These all-new ARTISTIC SURFACES offer clients’ with a fully customized experience that fulfills all of their many demands and requirements. Everything from the size, color, look and design is made to satisfy. The level of meticulous attention put into each intricacy makes this an awe-inspiring choice for any indoor or outdoor location.

ALEX TURCO’s get delivered all across the world from their headquarters in Italy and in the United States. Working alongside a number of prominent international firms, architects, stores and institutes has allowed them to expand their concepts, designs and methodologies to a vast range of clients. This has sparked a massive trend in interior designing, all of which leads back to ALEX TURCO’s artistic surfaces. These surfaces enjoy the uniqueness of being the only such option that has the versatility of being installed in any location, weather condition or temperature.

Alex Turco: an Artistic Visionary

Alex Turco’s expertise is an amalgamation of his work in the fields of interior designing and art.

Alex Turco cannot recall a time in his life where art didn’t play a part. With his father being a painter, graphic designer and photographer, Turco’s creativity and artistic outlook towards his surroundings were two qualities he acquired at a young age.
At the young age of 9, he had already attained awards such as the “Best Young Photographer“. His work had been the highlight of many publications and magazines. As he became a teenager, he had already begun dabbling into graphic design. Those early experiences in the field of graphic designing still guide him to this day. However, nowadays he mostly works on stage and set designing and set design fashion and interiors.
Turco’s background and the inspiration he took from father were definitely two factors propelling him towards success. But what truly paved way for him was his unique methodology towards collaboration. “Thanks to my father I started as a graphic designer and painter,” says Turco. “I grew up with these from the beginning. The key to our success, however, was to believe in interior design firms and architects, rather than art galleries or art collectors. That was very different and unusual for an artist, but it was key. We called designers we liked at the time, sent samples and afterwards they would send us requests and we would do the work”.

Turco now works as an interior designer who develops artistic designs and panels. The breathtaking visuals of these panels have earned them a major following internationally. Many even consider them to be highly sought after cult items. Homes, businesses and organizations across the world feature Turco’s unique art panels. Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton are some of Turco’s esteemed clients. He has also lent his expertise for well-known international names such as Milan, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Beijin, and Los Angeles showrooms.

When asked about his inspirations, Turco exclaimed his appreciation of nature, minerals and fossils. He believes that there is no better place to take inspiration from than the very nature that decorates the Earth. He also enjoys looking at the crafts and works of other artists. “I love the photographer David LaChapelle, Italian artist Vincenzo De Cotiis and fashion house Saint Laurent”, he continues. “Because what we do is mixed media, I try to take inspiration from everything and all artists so I can use it to create something new.”

With his feet in so many fields, he felt like it was imperative to form an artistic identity. Turco describes himself as “an artist who is not a painter, a graphic designer who is not an advertising man, a non-professional photographer, an entrepreneur”. In 2006, he labeled himself as an ARTDESIGNER. With such a massive career, it is never easy to pick one moment that sticks out as a favourite, but he added that his time collaborating with Peter Marino Architect and David Rockwell Architect, were instrumental in shaping his future works.

Turco is working from Los Angeles, and has no intentions of stagnating any time soon. He is already working ecstatically on his next project known as: ONLY ONE. “It will be a collection of unique furniture pieces that incorporates tables, coffee tables and so on,” he explains. “It will be something very different to what we normally do but people like bespoke, unique design pieces so I feel it’s a strong idea.”

Aside from his work, Turco likes to enjoy the little things in his life. “An ideal, beautiful day for me is to wake up early. I prefer the day to the night. I’d work out, work on my creations and spend time with nature,” he concludes. “This is why I live in Los Angeles. It’s the best place to wake up early, walk and spend time with my wife.”

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