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About Only One

“Only One” is a collection of unique pieces of art and design. The unicity informs the name of each artwork. We craft every piece by hand, and it’s one-of-a-kind.

“OnlyOne” is a collection of sculptures, paintings, and furnishing complements inspired by nature.
By using raw elements belonging to the natural world, I re-interpreted and reshaped them through advanced techniques that I have experienced in my artistic career, giving them a new life. In addition, hands work every piece using epoxy resin, a material that has always distinguished my works.

Nature is one of the things I love the most. Since I decided to move to California 4 years ago, I re-discovered how powerful and giving is nature. Immense forests, boundless deserts, mountains, and unexplored oceans suddenly informed my creativity.
I started experiencing and connecting with this primordial world, collecting burnt woods, fossil logs, salt blocks, materials with which I began to experiment with new forms of art.
The diversity and vastity of nature in California were the injectors of “OnlyOne.”
Since then, my creativity has been unstoppable.

For the past 12 years, I have always worked with epoxy resin.
I consider this material as a signature that has always distinguished my art, and it has played an even more critical role in the creative process of the “OnlyOne” Collection.
Playing with the resin allowed me to raise the boundaries of my creativity.
Thanks to his malleability, I have managed to mix and incorporate types of materials that are very different from each other, giving life to new forms of art.

Touch is vital to experience my creations.
It gives a strong feeling that you can not miss, experiencing the project as an immersive journey.
Some of the artworks are rough and some smooth, so I invite my clients to touch and feel every work with their own hands to connect with the pieces deeply.
The meaning of these artworks is to experience them in everyday life.
Unique complements to be enjoyed as special decorative pieces yet valuing and appreciating their functionality.

Nowadays, uniqueness rewards. Over time I realized that customers love to own one-o-a-kind, not-replicable pieces. To me, creating unique pieces is even more stimulating and challenging. Giving life to an artwork that is one and one only is inestimable and curates it in every detail. Each piece embraces a whole universe, and that is why this collection is so specially unique to me and is one of the reasons I conceived “OnlyOne.” None of the pieces will have a number 2. All the artworks in the collection will be unique!

I think that every form of art has already been invented so far, as in Design and Fashion.
But the work I have done here, with this heterogeneous collection, is different in its conception and approach. I mixed different styles, experimenting with various forms of art. The result is an unusual yet unexpected intersection that gives art a new life, a new destination to every single piece.

I think the path I have in front of me with this project is never-ending.
I have the feeling that there will be so much to create, to experiment, that I hope you will have the opportunity to see new creations coming to life, always different from each other.
There are no limits to creativity! and this is the beauty of “OnlyOne.”

About Alex

Italian Artist, AlexTurco, has been living and working in the U.S for 12 years.

He founded his own company in 2009 in Miami, where he is still based.

He creates artistic panels on request and collaborates with the most crucial interior designers in the country.

His creations are an alternative to classic tiles, a new product used to decorate the walls of private homes, restaurants, fashion shops, and hotels.

Having consolidated the market with this innovative product, Alex wants to gamble on a new, more ambitious, and particular project.

He is creating a collection of unique pieces of art and design. This project will be called Alex Turco OnlyOne as each piece he makes will be unforgettably unique!

It will be a collection of sculptures, paintings, and furniture inspired by nature using unique and natural decorative elements with advanced techniques that he has experimented with in his years of activity.

Everything he works on is handcrafted, using the epoxy resin that has always distinguished his art form.

Each artwork is OnlyOne in the world!

Welcome to his preview!